How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Get More Content Ideas


Imagine, you make yourself comfortable on your favorite couch, grab some coffee and started writing. You keep on writing and then you feel like it’s not good enough and then delete it. You try on getting some idea, but it doesn’t at all struck you. How awful and frustrating it would be, right?!. Isn’t called as a writer’s block. The writer’s biggest fear and enemy. It turns off the whole mood and the entire day gets ruined.

Most of the writers do face this problem frequently. In this blog post, we will talk about how to fix the writer’s block problem and get new content ideas.



The tip that most of the writers suggest is read as much as possible and write as more as possible. Read whenever you feel like and write anything that comes to your mind. It need not be perfect, not at all. All that helps you is gets you more practiced and introduce to new words.

Whenever you struck at any point of the time, just close the work whatever you are doing, ignore all the crazy talks in your mind and relax. Maintain your posture and meditate. It calms down you and a great stress reliever.

Grab on your favorite author books and read them. Inspire yourselves. The quotes that are inspirational, philosophical, deep, humorous does help in overcoming the writer’s block.

Make all your possibilities of your own plot and draw your thoughts on it. Make up the worst scenarios that are impossible to happen in reality. That does let you get anyone of the idea.

Try to sit in the same place and same timings as you mostly do while writing. Because your mind may be habituated to that place and try to get some more new ideas.

Talk to your friends and with the writers, you know and take some suggestions from them.

Listen to some music or do anything that might help you regain your strength in writing and lighten ups your mind. Make sure you put your work environment that is pleasant.

“Very often we write down a sentence too early, then another too late; what we have to do is write it down at the proper time, otherwise it’s lost”                                                                                                                                 

                                                                                                 -THOMAS BERNHARD

If you are a regular blogger or a writer, you have to get some new content ideas more frequently. Sometimes, we really don’t get some. We run out of ideas. Then what to do? Should we dump all our hard work, passion and our struggle of our writing dreams? Not exactly,


Think, Think, Think. Think with a silent mind. Think beyond the box. Think like a genius. Think of all the possibilities. Question yourselves on what to make that is creative yet unique.

Don’t we all know how SEO is important to get more traffic for our blogs or websites? So choose a content that has more possibility of being searched. Here are few tips that will keep your creative ideas flowing.

#1 Use Google Trend

Google Trend does help a lot. The google trends give you the topic names that are most searched in past few days or week. Choose one, you get a new content idea.There are few keyword generators that generate new keywords when you type a normal word.

#2 Be a Copycat

To be precise, not exactly copying the same stuff. Take some ideas from your fellow writers or bloggers and create your own piece by making in your version voila you have a content to post. And don’t forget to give some credit to them, it gains you a lot more integrity and respects from your readers.

#3 Inspire from your life

Our real life, don’t we see all the interesting, crazy, experimental, life-changing events. aren’t they good enough to share? Obviously, they are. Your experience might not seem appealing to share. but they are, for your readers. Everyone is interested in knowing about each other, so why not we make use of it. Right?

#4 Maintain a Content Planner Workbook

Sit with a fresh mind, grab your stationery and write down all of your ideas in the planner workbook. Make a rough draft, where all of your ideas are at one place and you can have a look at it to get new ideas.

#5 Keep yourself Updated

According to the new trends happening around. Know what all is popular presently and work on it, pour all your thoughts into it and create your content. Know what your audience is expecting from you, ask for their opinions on what they actually want. Question them? Conduct a poll on certain topics. 

Think about the perspective of your reader’s mind. You can never run out of ideas. Trust in yourself, motivate yourself. Self-motivation is the most powerful than anything.


Whatever you choose the topic for your post, remember the content must be exceptional. As we all know “THE CONTENT IS THE KING”. The content is the thing that attracts the readers towards you and shows your passion for the writing. Feel free to talk about your ups and downs, about your passion with your friends and family, they do help you to overcome and share their ideas. Follow other’s write-ups to learn something new from them. Hope you all found the ideas given above are helpful and. Do follow, learn them and make your writing career success.



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