Memeification 101: Why And How To Use Memes on Social Media

Reasons On Why Memes And How To Use In Social Media- Memeification 101

Memes are the trendiest and laugh-a-minute evolution happening right now in the internet world. Internet is a noun to many and in fact became an organic thing that evolves, changes, reacts to happenings of the world.

Memes are like Just-A-Minute laugh expressions similar to the stand-up comedies that continuously entertain us with mocking the reality.

Meme (n)

An image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

..according to Internet meaning. 

But Meme is first coined by Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Gene” (1976) to show human behaviour and cultural evolution.

According to Memetic Lifecycle…

“Memes are analogous to genes, vary in their aptitude to replicate.”

In a meme pool, successful memes spread and remembered whilst the unfit one stalls and forget. 

Trivial Reasons- Why Internet Marketers should use Memes on social media

Memes are extant and not exhausted from using it. Every Internet Marketer uses them to earn some fame that helps their products to build a brand.

There are many whys on using memes which no one can say no to the facts on using them in a social media platform. 

Why 1- Memes do not require to create an original content

To create Memes, it costs nothing expensive; it requires original content to generate fun sensibly. You can use the existing videos by adding a new caption to it. To generate Meme, does not require high skills or graphics, just knowledge in it.

Why 2- More Memes More Shares

It is always better to have at least 1 Meme every day in your social content with quite a funny one to have a maximum count of shares. As in the social media clan, successful ones are always a hit among users. 

Why 3- Can be related to the situation

Memes go viral when you create them depending on the current situations going on with the society. This can create a group of supporters to your market and can fetch you fame.

Why 4- Shows your brand market

Create a relevant Memes that supports your brand and its market. Ensure you go on with the current trends and contemporary factors without touching the sensitive issues which can tear your market down with backlashes.

Some of trending Memes so far…

Before social media

Before social media got into a full swing, Memes were shared via e-mails, forums etc. Here is one of the first Dancing Baby themes that was popular in the 90s

After social media

Drake hotline bling Memes

Drake's hotline bling memes


Zomota viral Meme

Zomato meme usage

How to use the right Memes to the proper context in social media- Memefication 

1. Give a spotlight to brand with a contextualized Memes

To make your brand a mainstream product pipeline always try to show your Meme in a generic way rather than only to a specific group. If you observe, popular brands do not had ‘buy’ or ‘subscribe’ buttons to their content. This way, you can make your product more relevant to the followers and eventually to the outsiders indeed. 

Once you are used to it start using more fun-filled jokes, puns and some legitimate satires on the contemporary trending issues.

Tip on using memes in social media

2. Give an original Meme to an original Content

As we know, they are created from the original content and no need of creating original content primarily. Focus on creating original Memes. Though it takes time to think, create and execute, you can use some Gifs, photos, screenshots etc.

Meme on Digital marketing

Meme Tip: Use fonts like Montserrat or Helvetica Neue, Comic Sans, Arial and a few more in different contexts. 

3. React and participate in Meme-themed phenomena

To elevate your brand, it’s always important to voice the reactions on current topics. Post a reaction based on occasions, holidays etc. Participate in the Meme challenges like the recent 10-year challenges that are a buzz.

PhonePay 10 years challenge Meme in social media

4. Regenerate already created Memes

Use some popular Meme collection templates from Giphy where they give you an option to add your caption. Use some movie themes to create fun among users. YouTube videos always try to grab the eyeballs by using them, so keep an eye on it to generate more of them.

Giphy to create Memes

Takeaway Memes:

You like Memes; people love you to the Meme and back!

Love you to the moon and back meme

To give your brand, a voice with Memes just go with the contemporary happenings around you. Understand what will work with your clients and how can your creatives connect them. Think from a standard user end that generates more shares to your social media page.

Post your Meme content in all your social pages to get maximum shares. Remember unfit gets stalled and forgot soon but only fit stays forever.


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