How to Create Facebook and Instagram Stories Ads That Get You Results


Social media platforms are going crazy these days. After the introduction of social media marketing (SMM) stories and ads are popular these days. To maintain the online presence of any business the business should be active in these platforms. Business owners and entrepreneurs are entirely focused on maintaining their digital presence. They understand that social media marketing plays a significant role in their business growth.

Marketers and creators know how to leverage their time on these Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and earn value worth from it. Its way more different you see to Facebook and Instagram than yours.

Now the question arises what can be accomplished by putting efforts in working in social media rather than going offline?

Well, I must say it can be hard at first but eventually with creative and unique ideas and efforts things can change towards your desire. Billions of people are active on Facebook and Instagram these days. People always carry their smartphones and are quite fond of using Facebook and Instagram. Just for a moment forget everything and think about the reach that can be achieved. People stay connected with the entire world with the help of social media. So as per statistics, you can get ten times more reach by leveraging social media rather than going offline. These reach opens the gateway to generate leads and boost your business towards the goal. So try not to underestimate the power of social media.

Now, what do you need to create such content or ads that can make your business popular?

I feel you don’t need to be a pro. Instagram stories can be created quite easily. It doesn’t need any professional ability. Just be creative and informative, concise and unique. For creating vertical videos, Instagram stories is the best possible free tool available. You can take advantage of this immersive, full-screen format and the native features
available in this tool. Curate some organic content. People interact with brands with their smartphones so start thinking to grab their attention.

Know what you need before creating your ad.

To catch the attention of your viewer, it’s necessary to create a strong impression of your brand. Whether you create an image or a video always make sure you are using high- quality media. Generally, you won’t have more than 15 seconds for your ads video so make sure you convey all the necessary information you want your viewers to know. With unique
idea create an impression in the minds of your viewers. Your message should be loud and clear. As per Facebook, you should use images with 1080 x 1920 resolutions and a 9:16 aspect ratio.

In case of videos you must always keep in mind you should entertain your viewers with your content. They should watch until it ends. Every video should be self-explanatory. Keep that in mind that you aren’t allowed to use any supporting sales copy or titles, etc. The video should have at least 720p resolutions. The format should be MP4, MOV or GIF and the size should not be more than 2.3GB.

Here are few tips to enhance your skills:

  • Involve new ideas– Do not hesitate to try new ideas, you never know what can people like and can go viral. Use creative tools such as stickers or face filters or something like that. Make it count.
  • Leverage your time– A story lasts 24 hours so you can make good use of that time. You can create something like a flash sale for a limited time and attract the traffic. Attract your customers with limited time deals or festive offers.
  • Creative with more features– Use albums of images and make a short story content. There are various cool features such as Boomerang and Hyperlapse. Try to make good use of them over your stories. Hit your prospects with an early hook that represents a welcome departure from soundless boomerangs and brunch pictures.
  • Give equal importance to the audio– Audio is equally important as your video. A bad sound effect can ruin your content. So keep that in mind and use clear audio. Your content should sound good as good as it looks. You can use tools like aftereffect etc.

In the end, I want to conclude that with this piece of information you can boost your business on social media platforms. You can influence your followers and start a new trend with your creativity. These platforms can add incredible value to your business. An unbelievable opportunity awaits your creativity. So go ahead grab your phone and start now.


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