Instagram Shoppable Stories – 7 Tips To Sale On Instagram


According to the report, Instagram expanded its users to 600 million people across the globe. Instagram became the most downloaded application besides Facebook. No surprise, Instagram became a social whirl among users. Initially, Instagram launched as a photo and video sharing web services and stepped its Bigfoot in developing new features.

From sharing photos to IGTV channel, Instagram designed every possibility to entertain users. Instagram, this year made its path into e-tailing, by giving its users new shopping experience online. Slowly but steadily it increased the number of followers to shop within the feed.

How to sale your shopping biz into a visual storefront on Instagram?

Give the best shopping experience to your customers with just a single tap to your Insta Feed by bringing shopping stories seamlessly. Shoppers are fuzzy when it comes to shopping online, and in particular, they check the feeds on Instagram to get the latest styles and trends.

Here’s everything you need to know – How to sell with Instagram?

Step 1: Get started with Instagram shopping tools.

To get started with the Instagram business account you need to know about the Instagram shopping tools.

  • If you are already an Instagram user, go to Instagram settings and click on to “Switch to Business profile.” If you don’t operate, go to your profile and click on the “Edit Profile” option and select “Try Instagram Business Tools” by following the prompts.
  • Set up a product catalog on Facebook and integrate your product catalog and Instagram.
  • Create a Shopify account and view all the subscription plans and find a suitable option that suits your account.
  • Link your Facebook product catalog with Shopify. Make sure your Instagram Business synced with shop section on Facebook.
  • Instagram will review your business account and approves it by sending you the notification, and this process may take a few days.

Step 2: Get a start with the Instagram business account:

  • Upload your product images in your feed by selecting “Tag products” option which is below “tag people” option enabled on your account.
  • Try tagging the product names to make sure people find it easy to search for the product.
  • Once Business account on Instagram is set up your product is appeared on your feed with a little shopping bag icon at the top right corner.

How to create an Instagram Shoppable Posts and Stories Shoppable Stickers

Business accounts that are approved and set up to use as a Shopping account can add one product sticker with a customized text color to your story. When the customer taps on the product sticker, they will know about the product details. On the same page, customers can see similar product details, catalog images of the product by adding a link to your mobile site to purchase the product.

How does it work?

Step 1: Add a picture or video to your story.
Step 2: Select the product option by tapping the sticker icon in the upper left corner.
Step 3: Add only one item per story. You can find any item in the catalog by typing its                     name.
Step 4: Tagged products on your shoppable business account are with a shopping bag                     icon, wherein users can tap to view its product details.

Instagram featured with a powerful tool called Explore tab where you can dive into your interests by browsing the topic channel.

Tips to provide an Instagram shopping experience in your business market

Tip 1: Tag an image

To get more value to your images start tagging a perfect image. Invest a high-quality look-book to your feed to gain more advantage in sales.

Note: Tag each item by adding spaces between them to make sure your post is easy to navigate.

Tip 2: Feature Multiple products in one post

To engage your customers in exploring more about your virtual store try tagging multiple products in one post so that your product can have a customer’s eye.

Another befitting factor to this is that tagging multiple products helps the customer to view other items which appear under the heading. Tagging boosts the visibility of any item that you tag providing a way to browse more and buy your product.

Tip 3: Tag to the right products

Shopping on Instagram is direct. The items you tag must be items in your Facebook Product Catalog. Guiding a customer to the wrong item is an immediate failure to your sale. Ensure that your shopping product is clear and descriptive. For example, trying using unique numbers for each item you post it for sale on Instagram.

Tip 4: Promote your Instagram store

Promoting your Instagram business store helps you to get more Instagram followers.

Promote your feed on Facebook or Twitter. Run a contest in the social media platforms to attract customers by making them following your account as an entry to the contest.

Tip 5: Promote with hashtags

Instagram allows users to follow hashtags. Isn’t it amazing! Everything is happening in one platform. So try grabbing this opportunity to add more value to your sale. Use a descriptive hashtag to your post so that your account will be visible and reaches to the new customers to shop.

Tip 6: Make a sale with a picture perfect post

Instagram is all about photo and videos. To make your posts and stories more eye-catching do not compromise with the quality of your photos you post. Every image should be clear and enticing when the customer scrolls into the shoppable product or your posts. If they lack the quality, it will affect your sale and your followers.

Tip 7: Consistency in creating shoppable products

Every shoppable product story you share must not look like a product catalog you are trying to sell. Instagram offers to the business to more creative with its features, stickers and lot more. Make it look like a real fit for customers looking for low-high prices. Make sure that clicking on an item in your Instagram shoppable post should be seamless.

Strategic use of your Instagram shoppable posts and stickers helps your sale with the more followers. Leverage different shoppable formats on your business account to help the carousel look more impressive and ready to grab. Inspire new shoppers and customers with your shoppable product to grow your business on Instagram to make aware of your product.
Overall sell a shoppable product on Instagram by making a fun-filled Instagram shopping adventure.


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