How to Publish a Video Ad on Facebook Audience Network

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Facebook has also started to help their partners monetize their premium video content on Facebook app and desktop site. All the eligible partners can now make money from in-stream video ads on their own websites and apps through Audience Network. Facebook is also adding Ad Breaks in the Live video to additional profiles and Pages in the U.S. The company has been testing the feature for a while now in the on-demand videos on Facebook with a small number of partners.


What is Facebook Audience Network?

Audience Network is a service by Facebook that places ads from Facebook’s advertisers onto third-party websites and apps. The company has made the in-stream video available to all eligible Audience Network publishers who have available inventory. Now, publishers can bring relevant video ads to people all over the world, on both mobile and desktop.

With Audience Network, advertisers can upload their ads and bids to Facebook in advance allowing Facebook to quickly run an auction and return an ad that’s a good experience for the person watching it.


Early publishers like Univision and Collective Press saw the benefits of Audience Network in-stream video ads. Univision, the most-visited Spanish-language website among U.S. Hispanics, wanted to complement its direct sales business with video ads from Audience Network. Univision has successfully implemented Audience Network in-stream video across the U.S., Spain, Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. Since implementation in October, Audience Network U.S. eCPMs have been 52% higher than with other monetization partners. Collective Press, which owns publications like SF Globe, Cooktop Cove, and DIY everywhere, has not only seen 10-30% increase in overall video monetization, but also strong user engagement and positive sentiment with Audience Network’s video ads.

How to Apply For Facebook Audience Network?

You can apply for Audience Network in 3 easy steps.

  • Log into your account and apply from ‘Apps and websites’ under Audience Network. Before you apply, ensure that the domain or app and financial payout information are all complete in your account.
  • Once you’ve completed all the details and submitted the request, the Audience Network team will review the details and you will be notified once your player has been approved.
  • Once approved, you will be able to create a place for in-stream video in the Audience Network section of

Rules and Regulations

Facebook Audience Network in-stream video is designed and optimized for in-stream experiences. As such, the requirements for video players are:

  • Ads must be pre-roll or mid-roll, with video content after the ad. Post-roll ads, pre-game ads and mid-game ads are not eligible.
  • Click-to-play videos are eligible. Autoplay videos are only eligible if the video player is the main element of the page. Videos in articles must be click-to-play and the videos must have sound on by default.
  • The player should be at least 500px wide on desktop and 300px
    wide on mobile.
  • Web players must support VPAID. The page URL must be retrievable by
    Audience Network’s VPAID and must be the same as the page URL in the request.
  • You must have the Audience Network SDK integrated on any mobile apps for in-stream video ads.
  • The advertisements from Facebook Audience Network will be skippable at 10 seconds if the total duration exceeds 30 seconds. Advertisements under 30 seconds are not skippable.

Ad Breaks in Live Videos

Facebook is also making this feature available to more Live video creators. Eligible Pages and Profiles will have the option to use ad breaks in any live broadcast reaching 300 or more concurrent viewers. Ad Breaks allow creators to take short breaks for ads during their Live videos. When a broadcaster chooses to take an ad break, people watching the video will see an in-stream ad of up to 15 seconds in length. The broadcaster will earn a share of the resulting ad revenue.



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