This Ganesh Chaturthi, Truebil launches #Coolgannu campaign, a sea-friendly initiative with ice sculptures of India’s most loved god


Aimed at reducing water pollution during the festivities, ice idols will be gifted with every purchase from Truebil 

It is said that as per Hindu philosophy, idols are immersed in water as the path to heavenly abodes goes through the seas. Every Ganesh Chaturthi, amidst the joy of welcoming the remover of obstacles and the bittersweet feeling of boding him goodbye, this heavenly path gets littered beyond limits. This year, Truebil, leaders of the pre-owned cars segment have come up with a rather unique and thoughtful stratagem to deal with this problem through its unique #CoolGannu campaign. Under the initiative, Truebil will offer attractive little ice Ganeshas’ carved entirely by hand for every car purchased from the platform. The cute and quirky Ganesha figurines have a shelf life of 24 hours before they melt away, without leaving any tangible trace apart from the lingering good memories of the Vighnaharta’s presence.

It is a sad but true phenomenon that marks the end of every Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations due to the harmful and non-degradable residue. This unique, thoughtful and priceless gifting option that also goes easy on the rivers then is the perfect solution to ensure our celebrations do not become a source of grief for Mother Nature. Additionally, the ice Ganeshas come packaged in elegant and shapely thermal boxes so as to maximize their shelf life.

Sharing an insight into this venerable campaign, Shubh Bansal, Co-Founder, Truebil said that, “India has always been home to a rich and marvelous tradition of celebrating religious events such as Ganesh Chaturthi with absolute pomp and grandeur. But these spectacles have an adverse impact on the ecosystem when one takes into account all the undesirable elements that make way into the waters during the final immersion. This harms the water bodies greatly and all life that is dependent on it. To counter this negative impact of the Ganesha festivities, we have come up with #CoolGannu initiative that is an attempt to curb river pollution and keep our exchange with nature at the fundamental, elemental form by giving back only water, and not our waste, to the oceans and seas.”

Natural sustainability and maintaining an eco–friendly ethic has always been a driving force in every operational dimension of Truebil automobiles. The rising technological advancement and rampant industrialization as witnessed often leads to increased pollution and contamination levels, therefore initiatives such as #CoolGannu are of great significance as they help in neutralizing the harmful impact of human endeavors, whether industrial, social or religious


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