Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Has High Bounce Rate And How To Fix


High Bounce rate, the creepiest metric by Google analytics fears every webmaster who deals with the products or brands of their businesses. Even the leading businesses fear the bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is an internet market term used to analyze the traffic of a specific page. Bounce Rate is generally represented in percentage rather analyze the percentage of website visitors leave or bounce from the initial or single page without viewing further into the other pages of the same website.

From small to significant business, every individual firm becomes the scapegoat of the high bounce rate and their business at stake.

Why High Bounce Rate occurs?

Mistakes will be projected, but still, we will be careless in tackling with them. So, here is the reasons causing your website high bounce rate.

Let’s invade more about it!

1.Slow loading pages

The typical reason for one of the bounce rates of your website is the slow loading of pages. If you observe, some sites load too slow making a website visitor leave or bounce from the page without even seeing through it. The high effects of this lead your website into losing the popularity of your brand and as well as SEO ranking position by Google.

How to fix?

Google wants to promote the best to users conveniently. The algorithm followed by Google places your website page on the top search depending on the SEO.

Fix the site speed for a lifelong journey on SEOs. The upside aspect is with each incremental fix you should consider an incremental boost in speed. Before publishing the page gives a thorough review of your pages whether it is getting loaded fast and the overall check of the pages in advance.

Tools like Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom and GTMetrix, offer you recommendations to your site. These tools help you to check the working positions and compressing images of your pages, reducing third-party scripts and leveraging browser cache.

2. Mediocre Designs and Animation

Another immoderate reason for the bounce rate is adding too many needless images and animation to your site. Some startup businesses without having a clear-cut knowledge on dealing with sites pitfalls into the high bounce rate unnecessarily leading to the downfall of the product. The other significant effect is it prevents from loading swiftly paving visitor a chance to search the requirement in another website.

How to fix?

Add a few bright and high-quality images to make the page looks professional and interests the visitors to see the pages you provided. Give a properly defined image and animation to drive traffic to your page. Proper color design and the style leads users to react instantly. The good creative ideas lead your site with more number of clicks.

3. The self-sufficient content of your website

Providing self-sufficient is not a wrong idea for driving traffic to your website. The reason is simple, website visitors sometimes look for a simple solution rather than sparing the time to read the whole content in minutes. The sufficient content may give you a number of clicks, but it will not reduce the bounce rate for your pages on the website.

How to fix?

Yes. The above line clearly states that even the traffic to your page is sufficient the bounce rate continues to increase because of the content in the page. Try providing content around 4-5 minute read providing keywords concisely. Make sure your content is useful even the handful of minutes they spend visiting your page. If your user is spending less than a minute satisfied in reading, try to entice your visitor with the related blog post of your site by filling out some fields in your form. In this manner, you not only attracting the visitor but reducing the bounce rate impact on to your site.

Note: To know the bounce rate of your page or site look at the Time Spent on Page and Average Session Duration metrics in Google Analytics.

4.Disproportional handout by a few web pages

Google Analytics is savvy in recognizing the contribution of pages. The elevating reason for the high bounce rate is due to the disproportional contribution throughout the pages. For instance, you may find a few pages on your site disproportional with the other pages creating an overall bounce rate. Even this chaos is not good.

How to fix?

Consider adding an advanced filter to remove the pages that are crooked. If you minimize the lacking factor, then you can reduce the high bounce rate as quickly as possible and can increase the CTA pages reasonably.

5. Deceptive Title tags and Meta description

Messing with title tags and meta description needlessly creates a slump against the brand image. Web visitors always look at the titles and description on the search engine pages rather than spending time going through all the pages. If users find it interesting, they visit your website page but when they dig into the pages and see nothing is relevant on what they saw initially and what they are looking now, creates a high bounce rate by making them leave the page and never visiting the site.

How to fix?

Check the content of your page whether it is accurately summarized with a proper tag and meta description. Review the content in hand before exposing it to the virtual world. Adjust the title tag and meta description if not relevant, and it is better you rewrite the content address once again if you need to minimize the bounce rate threshold.

6. Page Not Found!

The foreground factor for the high bounce rate to your website and its pages is the technical error load. Ever observed error 404, page not found. This kind of pages creates an unexceptional high bouncing rate to your page making people leave your site within less than a minute.

The reason behind the downfall of the page is because of not loading the page correctly. Visitors of your page who likes to visit your page gets disappointed and never bother to click it once again after it’s resolved.

7.Poor Bad Backlink

The backlinks from the referring site were possibly sending you some of the inexperienced visitor, the anchor text or context for the link which misleads the users and resulting in bouncing back. The referring websites might wreck your website with some tactics by luring you to refer their site as a link to your page. For example, some links are provided in such a way that, the page might be with some animation guide provided the link with tutorials but once you click it will show you to download a movie instead of the specific page to learn. This will be an obtrusive way to the visitors of the page creating a high bounce rate.

How to fix?

Reduce the bounce rate by cross-checking the links even they maintain good SEO among other pages. Start reaching out to the author to know whether they are real directors for the site of the link. If you find it misleading ask them to delink the referred link from your pages.

8. Crude or low-quality content

To be candid, visitors want no-nonsense content while reading the page. The taglines or meta description might give you the most clicks but the not the low bounce rates. Yes. If your content is not optimized professionally, visitors never find interesting to read the whole page instead they bounce and find the other page to see the licensed content.

How to fix?

Hire good writer with the content marketing or copywriting background. Relate how the content is written by comparing with the other searches.

Better possibilities:

  • Optimize the content with the PhDs level.
  • Organize the sentences with relevant headers to make it clear to read.
  • Relevant images to attract visitors.

Note: Writing for the web has a sheer difference from writing for publications.

9. Finding hard to read your landing pages

Another context to your high bounce rate is improper landing pages. Even though visitors find your website attractive, it will never stay long if you do not have a beautiful landing page. The reason is simple, if the background of your page is with black with the red text visitors find it irritating to read. Mobile users mostly find it very hard to read.

How to fix?

People scan the content instantly online, so they don’t want to waste time reading the whole text. Try using specific font styles and color palettes for the background so that they can scan the relevant lines easily what they require.

10. Intruding ads

Not always pop up ads goes well with the page visitors. Certain types of banner ads on your website are always distracting and lose the trust of the visitors and feel to revisit your site. Without building trust with your website, web visitors hesitate to provide personal information like email address, contact details or payment details creating high bounce rates.

Fix it on the spot! Be careful with the kind of ads you use on the website if you support the ads to your pages.

Hope the structured reasons for the high bounce rate and how to fix the loss caused by it is a valid use for your sites to implement for the reduction of the high bouncing rate.


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