Top 15 AgriTech Startups in India 2022


According to the government reports almost 70% of the nation’s 1.2 billion population comes from rural areas in India. With agriculture remain a mainstay for India’s rural population it is safe to say that more than 50 per cent of the Indian population is into agriculture for their livelihood. With more than half a billion people working in the agriculture sector still, Indian agriculture sector is suffering from a variety of problems including the use of outdated equipment, improper infrastructure, and farmers unable to access a wider range of markets with ease while making just limited profits on crop sales. Proper infrastructure and supply chain management are the more pressing concerns.

Agriculture in India

But a wave of agritech startups in India in last few years addressing these concerns like supply chain management and enhancing the sector’s marketing infrastructure has been developed in India which tackles this issue and has the potential to change the face of Indian agriculture sector and eventually raise farmers’ incomes.

In this blog post, we will meet 15 such Indian Agritech Startups who are responsible for bringing innovation in the agriculture sector in no particular order.

AgriTech Startups In India to watch out for in 2020

#1  Boheco

BOHECO- Agritech startups in India

Boheco – Bombay Hemp Company was incorporated in 2013. It is an Agro-based company reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living with hemp as their lens. This agritech company harness the power of agriculture by advocating Industrial Hemp and its benefits to society. They assist local farmers in cultivating the crop by providing optimum seeds, best practices in cultivation techniques, and innovating Agro-products.

#2 Crofarm


Founded in 2016, Crofarm is changing the way businesses procure their produce. Their aim is to make a supply chain that supports farmers and provides businesses with the freshest produce in the most efficient manner. According to the website, it has over 10,000 farmers in its network and has partnered with Reliance RetailGrofersBig BasketJubilant FoodworksBig Bazar and Metro Foods.

#3  Agricx Lab


Agricx provides quick, accurate, portable, and easy to use image based quality assessment tool that takes the subjectivity out of quality assessment and makes every transaction smoother and loss-less. Agricx currently offers a solution to warehouses and enterprise clients with a plan to expand across the food production supply chain.

This agritech startup from Thane, Maharashtra helps specialist across country procure their requirements in the most efficient way through the use of technology.

#4 Gold Farm

Gold Farm

Gold Farm is an Agri-Tech start-up, based out of Bangalore, India. The company offers a mobile app based tractor booking platform for farmers in India. They also provide solar water pumps for farmers working in power deficit regions in India. Gold Farm has offices in Bangalore, Kolar, Hubli, Coimbatore and Trichy. We have 100+ employees spread across these locations. The company’s mission is to facilitate the doubling of farm income for a million farmers in India by 2022

#5  Agrowave


AgroWave is basically a Supply chain startup in India act as a mobile e-vendor of fruits & vegetables that serves small & medium businesses directly from farmers. AgroWave is owned by “Dagrowave Agscience Pvt Ltd and help Indian farmers in following:

  • Mapping production & demand using machine learning
  • Plan to use blockchain technology for traceability
  • Using AI to map quality with price

#6 Fasal


FASAL, is an agri-tech platform, developed by Wolkus Technology Solutions. It is an AI-powered IoT platform for Agriculture ecosystem that records a variety of growing conditions on the farm. It then uses artificial intelligence and data science to make on-farm predictions, before delivering the insights anywhere on any device including (iOS, Android, Tablet and web)

#7 Airwood


Aibono pioneers the use of Real-time Intelligence and Agri 4.0 to solve this intractable problem with next-generation agri-data science and artificial intelligence. Aibono’s Real-time Precision Agriculture Solutions stabilises and increases yields by 2x by monitoring over 50 farm variables, and the Predictive Supply Engine controls the Planting-Material and Just-in-time harvests to precisely match supply and demand, thereby doubling price realisation and income for the farmer.

#8 CropIn


CropIn Technology is a leading Agri-tech organization that provides SaaS based solutions to agribusinesses globally. CropIn enables its clients to analyze and interpret data to derive real-time actionable insights on standing crop, thus enabling businesses to utilize technology to effectively drive their initiatives around Digitization, Compliance, Sustainability and Traceability.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka CropIn has digitized over 3.1 million acres of farmland, enriched the lives of nearly 1.6 million farmers, gathered data on 265 crops and 3,500 crop varieties. The SaaS-based solutions offered by CropIn are crop and location agnostic.

#9 EM3 Agri Services


EM3 Agri services is an agritech startup in India established in 2014 by the father son-duo of Rohtash Mal and Adwitiya Mal. EM3 Agri provides pay-per-use farm services for every step of the cultivation process, including land development, land preparation, seeding, sowing, planting, crop care, harvesting and post-harvest field management. Farmers can access their services through a mobile app, and can also seek assistance from the company’s local fulfilment centre or “Samadhan Kendra.

#10  Intello Labs

Intello Labs

Intello Labs is India’s most awarded AgriTech startup, that has developed computer vision based solutions that use images as key data for deriving insights and actionable recommendations. The company is working on the quality grading of commodities, pest/disease detection in crops, yield estimation, etc. all through image-based analysis and AI.

#12 Ninjacart


Ninjacart is India’s Largest agri marketing platform, solving one of the toughest supply chain problems through technology. They connect vegetables and fruits farmers directly with businesses. The startup has been funded by Accel Partners, Nandan Nilekani, Mistletoe(Japan) & Qualcomm Ventures.

#13 FarmLink


FarmLink is a data science and technology company with a passion for helping farmers. Their focus is to drive increased adoption of high-quality data and precision agriculture tools to improve productivity, profitability and sustainability of farm operations around the world.

#14 Gobasco


Gobasco employs real-time data analytics on data-streams coming from multiple sources across the country aided with AI-optimized automated pipelines to dramatically increase the efficiency of the current agri supply-chain. Their Our data-driven online agri-marketplace affords the best prices for both the producers and buyers at their fingertips.

#15 Tessol


Founded in 2013, TESSOL (Thermal Energy Service Solutions Pvt Ltd) is a unique innovation-driven venture focused on solving the temperature-controlled food and pharma distribution problem in India. Over the last 5 years, with a proven technology edge and execution capability, TESSOL has positioned itself as a pioneer in the cold chain space and is currently a leading supplier of last mile solutions to the e-commerce segment.


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