Top 5 Google Penalty Checking Tools


Is the traffic on your website has fallen so low?

Is your website not been seen in the search results?

Is your website not reaching to your targeted audience and the ranking for your targeted keywords has dropped so down?

If all the above have happened to your website that means your site has got a Google penalty. Penalty, that someone gets when they violate the rules. It is just like a punishment. The same thing happens when you violate the rules and regulations of the Google knowingly or unknowingly.


A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website search rankings based on updates to Google’s search algorithms or manual review.

The Google gives your site the penalty, that does not allow your targeted audience to visit your site, that in return declines your traffic. The google penalties may vary according to the mistakes you do on your website. The penalties can also lead to blocking away your site by the Google. The penalties may be manual or algorithm.

The thing that is essential after finding your websites affected by the penalties is by knowing what type of penalty did your site occurred and then jump into further steps to fix them.



The panda and penguin are the penalties that have penalized many of the websites.


The Panda algorithm was first to run in 2011, this penalizes the websites that have low content like poorly written, or very short or that content which is copied from other websites. Google has created this algorithm to wash off the websites that are of low-quality content.


The penguin is another algorithm that Google has created to decrease the traffic of the sites which are made by black hat SEO. The penguin is not a penalty that affects all the websites but only affects those sites that typically have the most backlinks pointing them.

Google later has developed an algorithm called as Mobilegeddon, to make the web pages mobile friendly. But that doesn’t affect the desktop users. To know whether your websites are mobile friendly or not, you can check your content by using the “Mobile-friendly test tool”. You can also check in the “Google Webmaster Tools”. The Webmaster tools help in notifying you whenever your website gets a penalty. Also, Google Analytics should also be installed to know when did your webpage has affected the penalty.


The manual penalties are also called as spams. These manual penalties occur when one’s content is derived from other’s content, usually copying the content. It also occurs when maybe someone has reported you to google if they have found anything that relates to their content.

You can check whether you are site is affected by penalty or not in the Webmaster tools. The manual penalty is easy to fix, the google recommends you how to fix it. For that, you need to sign in into Search console and check your manual action and click on “request review” to ask Google to consider your issue and provide the changes you have made to overcome the penalty.

Once you get an algorithm penalty from Google, it ain’t an easy thing to come back from the loss. You don’t get your search rankings in a one day, it takes a lot of time and effort. But that work was made easy by the tools available in the market that are not just one or two but are many tools available. They are called Google penalty checker tools.

Here is the list of top 5 google penalty checker tools:

Rank Ranger:


This tool is an all-in-one SEO and marketing software. As the Google updates its search algorithms frequently throughout the year, the rank ranger keeps you informed whenever the Google changes the algorithms and update alerts. It is one of the free tools that keep the users informed with both public and updates that are not officially announced. This tool has made the users to read charts easily with specific colors indicating each one alert.

MOZ Google algorithm change history:

This tool consists of all the google update lists and lets you know in case of any new report. It also gives you the information about the algorithm and how would it affect the site. It is updated with the changed algorithms and provides the services based on the updated versions.

Fruition google penalty checker tool:


This tool uses your google analytics to identify if any penalty occurred on your website. This is considered as one of the most effective tools as it provides precise information about any differences occurred on your site. It also shows how the website got affected by changed algorithms. It graphically gives the updates on why did the page got penalized and gives the details of the algorithm and also how to address it. It allows the users to use the tool with both free and paid versions.



SEMrush is the most popular tool when it comes to search engine optimization. It allows backlink tracking, rank tracking, and desktop or mobile search breakdowns. If you want to check any other site has been influenced by a google calculation or punishment this tool serves best. It demonstrates the results through diagrams.


The Panguin tool is another most used tool. It is easy to use and is a highly effective tool. It takes all the information from the user’s account once they sign in the google analytics and immediately shows the map of traffic. It has a wide range of icons in the dashboard icons that shows the user’s traffic rate whenever the page gets a penalty and causes that is responsible for the penalty.


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