Why suffer in your safar?” asks Revv Cars in New Campaign


For any traveller in the country, using the existing modes of options available, there is a loss of control over many situations that one might encounter- whether it is the perpetual nuisance created by an unruly co passenger, or a constant gaze by an annoying cab driver, travelling is not always pleasant. Taking this insight, Revv Cars offers a perfect solution by being an alternate medium of travel that aims to make one’s journeys a memorable and hassle-free experience, by offering a certain level of control over the corresponding dynamics.

The campaign conceptualized by GREY group is a series of three films showcasing examples of how people find themselves in an unpleasant life situations while travelling and how Revv enables them to have a better experience by offering a sense of control and flexibility.

Speaking on the campaign, Karan Jain, Founder Revv Cars says, “Revv at its core believes in offering control, freedom and privacy to the customers. Staying true to our core values while addressing the problems of alternate modes of commute was our one-line brief to the agency. It was refreshing to see a concept that brought forth the discomfort of those travel moments, with a touch of humour. The frequented phrase of ‘safar mein suffer’ was a conscious choice to bring in familiarity. We believe that consumers are smart enough to make their choices. No brand communication should be preachy. This campaign ticked all the right boxes for us.”

Ketan Desai, President – Growth & Integration Officer, Delhi Branch Head, said, “This work is steeped in a common complain, which such as unreliable drivers, undesirable and unknown seat sharers. We at Revv want to own the category’s problems and give solutions that the consumer is craving for. Look out for this space for more fun yet habit changing changing work”


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