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BlowHorn: Founder, Funding, Business Model, And Competitors

About BlowHorn BlowHorn- India’s top-tier tech-based Intra-city logistics startup for operational goods from 1g to 1 ton. The startup provides its operations in multiple cities...

InMobi: Founder, Funding, Business Model, And Competitors

InMobi, Indian online startup provides enterprise platforms for marketers globally. The ad-firm enables consumers to explore new products and services by serving relevant, contextual,...

Shuttl: Founders, Business Model, Funding And Competitors

"Shuttl: Stress free Commute to Work" Shuttl is the largest office commute service provider in India. The Shuttl app is based on office shuttle service...

Ninjacart: Founder, Funding, Business Model, And Competitor

Ninjacart, India’s colossal Agri marketing platform, leverage technology to solve one of the most robust supply chain problems. The agri-startup bridges vegetables and fruit... Founder, Funding, And Competitors

0, India’s most popular multimedia content where we can find updates on Bollywood gossips and celebrity lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and much more eye-popping...

Little Black Book: Founder, Funding, Business Model And Competitors

Little Black Book’s Orbit "An online melange from food to fashion and more with a click ahead." Little Black Book or popularly called as LBB, India’s...

GoCoop: Founder, Funding, Business Model And Competitors

About GoCoop “ Benefitting Weavers and making handloom accessible ” GoCoop is an Indian organization committed to the socio-economic development of self-helps(SHS) and co-ops with the...

Clip App: Founder, Funding, Functionality, And Competitors

About Clip " Clip App: Create, Share, and Watch."  Clip App, a video-based social media platform for non-English Indian internet users where a user can upload...

StyleCraker: Founder, Funding, And Competitors

About StyleCracker "Get your personal stylist and be the best version of you" StyleCracker, first online personal styling portal in India. The StyleCracker Box is stylist...

CrediFiable: Founder, Funding, Business Model And Competitors

About CrediFiable “ Say goodbye to paperwork and get instant online loans.” CrediFiable, an uber-new computerized tech-empowered FinTech startup that offers online personal loans to salaried...

CoWrks: Founder, Revenue, Business Model And Competitors

About CoWrks "Coworking space for the inspired." CoWrks is a network of coworking spaces curated for the community of like-minded individuals gather to work, collaborate, inspire...

Chimple Learning: Founders, Funding And Achievements

About Chimple Learning “Making every Child impossible dream to reality.” Chimple, a non-profit E-learning organization in India, dedicated to improving children's learning using technology as a...