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New Payments Option for Creators in Clubhouse

The clubhouse quickly expands creators' access to payments, which is the platform's first revenue-generating feature. This is being tested with a small group of...
Bitcoin Scam

Multiple High-Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

Twitter is under the limelight again with the latest Bitcoin scam that led to various high-profile accounts being hacked. On Wednesday, multiple accounts of...

Twitter Testing Quote Tweets Count for Future Updates

In the past few months, we have seen Twitter rolling out a lot of changes dealing with how retweets are handled on the platform....
Facebook Experiments

Facebook Introduces ‘Experiments’ Element for Better Ad Performances

You have to put in the time if you want to maximize your ad's performance. You should also be willing to experiment with different...
Facebook ads

Facebook Warns Advertisers About Ads Delay Amid COVID-19

With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Facebook is also one of the major brands that are shutting down its offices. They have asked their staff...