Top 10 Online Job Portals in India 2017


These days finding a job has become much easier now but at the same time a little complex for people who don’t know where to search for jobs. The list of top 10 best job portals in India will tell you where to register your resume

The increasing number of online Job portals is confusing people, and you might not be able to rectify an efficient portal to get employed.

Benefits of Job Portals

These portal notify you about latest walk-ins and vacancies according to your interest and details you filled in the website. Job portals are not only helpful for the candidates seeking for jobs but also allows human resource executives to find the right candidate for their requirement. Below is the list of some of the best online job portals in India.

Top Online Job Portals in India:

#1 Jooble:


Jooble is one of the best online portals to find jobs in India.  It provides you the platform where you can search jobs across the whole Internet. Jooble is created to save your time and energy, enabling you to your desired job from a single query.

#2 Best online job portals in india is the best online job portal in India. It helps job seekers to find latest job openings and also helps employers to find the perfect candidate to work for them. not only helps you to find jobs but also assists in Resume writing, Frequently asked Interview questions and recommends courses and certificate programs based on your current profile. This is the most used platform for in India by both the candidates and employers.

#3 Linkedin: 

Linkedin Best JOb Portals in india

Linkedin is the most popular social networking site for working professionals. Linkedin maintains a network of professionals and companies and allows them to share their details and get the most lucrative opportunities and notify users of most relevant job opportunities.

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#4 best job portals in india

Shine is another very famous online job portal. This portal provides assistance to job seekers for both experienced and fresher. It helps you to prepare impressive resumes and help you to find job openings in many categories.

#5 TimesJob: 

TimesJob best job portals in india

It is an initiative taken by Times group to help people in finding right jobs for themselves. It provides Job opening alerts through emails and SMS and also sends customized alerts according to your expertise.

#6 Monster India: best job portals in india is another leading name in online job portals. It helps the users to find jobs in simple and easier manner. This job portal also provides services like interview preparations and allows you to keep your personal details protected.

#7 FreeJobAlerts:

FreeJobAlerts Best Job Portals in india

This online job portal is very famous among the people who are looking for government jobs. This website cover job sections like Government Jobs, Banking Jobs, Teaching, Engineering, Railway and police/defense job.

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#8 Glassdoor: 

Best job portals in india

Glassdoor is a reliable name if you are looking for jobs online. It not only provides best job opening for you but also helps the candidate with interview tip and salary expectations for top employers. You can also feedback from other employees and ex-employees of the company before giving an interview.

#9 Indeed Jobs: 

Best job portals in india

candidates who are searching for the private jobs, with job openings ranging for those who have just completed their 10th or 12th, to those with higher degrees such as MCA, BE or B Tech.

#10 FresherWorld: 

Fresh World Best job portals to upload our resume in india

The next on the list of top online job portal is This is one of the best websites for the freshers who just completed their graduation looking for jobs, it helps fresh job seekers to find their first job.

#11 Jobstreet: 

JobStreet | Best job portals in india

Jobstreet is a leading online job portal in the country, which helps the eligible candidates look for the most lucrative jobs in a wide range of professional fields, including IT, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, etc.

Key points HR looks in your resume to call you for an interview?

  1. Experience

The experience is a very important factor to get a call letter. If you are a fresher you must be having experience with college projects. Don’t forget to mention wth the role you had for the project.

This not only helps the employer to select a perfect candidate for the company but also teh candidate gets something which he knows already.

2. Domain Skills

The skills is a very important factor in your resume to get an interview call, but you should not bluff if you don’t know them. Bluffing may get you an interview call but the probability to get rejected becomes higher.

3. Communication Skills

Technical skills are not enough, Every company needs communication skills within their company to execute the project. If you are not good it is highly recommended to work on it.

4. Achievements

You might be good with technicals, but HRs or the interviewer loves to see the live example of your experience. Maintain a website or a blog which discuss the project. It would be great if you show your running application that just telling and explaining them the concept. It is a quite strong point in getting a job and getting selected for the next project.

5. Projects you participated in and your role

You must have completed any kind of project in your past company. If you are a fresher then give the URL of your project. If your project was offline then give a link to the abstract of your college project.

Hope this article “Top 10 best job portals in India” helped you in knowing the best job portals to upload your resume.

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  1. This all are stupid points , Job portal is business and wasting time, In Any job you one have to go along with business that you are able to adapt with respective technology.

    In a marriage whether Male / Female has prior experience to mate other than Theory message how to make human re-productive.

    Job or work place is given opportunity to commit yourself to specific task in turn you earn your demanded money. You are multi-skilled if so you are given job of office manager work. In Work place you will not clean Toilet or will not do Sheff work . Where you step out of your office you will clean your house Toilet or do cooking to save money. When you Go to restaurant you visit the place to eat food that you prefer to eat. Rather you will not say you are multi-skilled so you will cook yourself and eat and then clean the tables.

    So a Deaf / Dump / Blind person also skilled and you are also skilled irrespective of your gender.

    When you apply for any job every one has one wish to earn , Learn new things , understand and move around various people , commit for others and them self for assigned task. This applicable for Company Director to the Housekeeping assistant.

    Let us say do not engage house keeping task in office for 30 days and let us see will the director will step in to Toilet room and keep Hy-geine for others. Where you visit your Director home and he / She will be doing toilet cleaning in the week end.

    Every job is paid for your responsibility to serve better for others. Interviews / Body language are meaning less , When you apply for job you commit your salary to meet your personal need and as organization the HR representative say the salary offered for the position that should be first step.

    So you learn from co-members or you train others in the position of the job you handle. The work is Toilet cleaning or Rocket launch all one the same.

    Education is different form the job role. Everyday all learn new things from our environment , friends and others.

    So advise for HR department is donot waste others time by false Interview sessions.


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