Top Selling Automobile Companies in India

automobile companies in india

The Indian automobile industry has seen an unprecedented boom in business in the recent years. There used to be a time when few varieties of cars would be available in the Indian market. It might be a little tough for you to tell which is the most selling brands in India so we made a list where i have listed top-selling cars in India.

But times have changed. Now you will find a number of automobile companies operating in India, offering a wide range of models. The following are the top automobile manufacturers that are currently reining the market in India.

Top Automobile Companies in India

#1 Maruti Suzuki  

Maruti Suzuki is undoubtedly the leading name among the various other Indian automobile companies. Maruti Udyog Limited was formed in 1981 and soon it became a success in the automobile industry. Their Maruti 800 model was a raving success in the Indian market. In 1994 Maruti Suzuki manufactured close to a million units of the vehicle in a single year. On September 17, 2007, Maruti Udyog Limited became Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

#2 Hyundai Motor India Limited

Hyundai Motor India was established in 1998 as a subordinate of Hyundai Motor Company, the leading Korean automobile company. Since then HMIL has become the second biggest car manufacturing company in India. In addition, it is the leading exporter of passenger cars. Hyundai Motors came into the limelight primarily due to its super hit model Santro.

#3 Tata Motors

Tata Motors is one of the biggest automobile companies of India, with headquarters in Mumbai.  Tata Motors occupies the numero uno position in the Indian commercial car sector. India is its largest market where it sells the majority of its vehicles. Records say more than 4 – 5 millions vehicles of Tata Motors have been manufactured in India. Tata Motors saw a 6% growth in sales, in 2009. 

#4 Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, which is a division of the Mahindra Group is also a leading automobile company in India.  M&M is renowned for making the biggest SUV in the country. In September 2009, it saw an 18.4% growth rate in sales in the domestic market where it sold about 27,000 units which is more than the numbers sold in the previous years.

#5 Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors was once the leading manufacturers of cars in India before Maruti Udyog came into the market. Its most popular model the ‘Ambassador’ is still being used as government vehicles and taxis throughout the country.

#6 Bajaj Auto

When it comes to manufacturers of two-wheelers, Bajaj Auto is one of the leading names in India as well as in the world. During September 2009, it had a 14.3% growth in sales where it sold 249,795 units of two-wheelers as compared to 218,494 units in September 2008. As per the records, Bajaj Auto saw a 12.4% growth in sales in the domestic market and a 19.9% in the overseas market.

Hope the list of top 6 best  Automobile Companies in India has given you knowledge.

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