Bajaj Electricals Ad Campaign Review: Magic of Light.

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Bajaj Electricals:

Bajaj Electricals is an Indian multinational company dealing in the business of illumination, transmission line towers, and rural electrification. Bajaj Electrical Limited(BEL) is world-renowned and trusted company with a turnaround of 4298cr in last financial year. It is a part of Bajaj Groups. Bajaj electrical have 19 branches all over India and have 462 customer care centers. Let’s talk about Bajaj Electricals Ad campaign.

Bajaj Electricals ad campa

Bajaj Electrical ad Campaign:

Bajaj Electrical recently has launched a Television ad campaign #Magic of lights. The ad campaign was created by OnAds communications. The commercial is about the achievements of Bajaj Electrical over the years.

The main aim of the campaign is to show crucial role played by Bajaj Electrical in the electrification of rural parts of India. This is the first campaign from the Bajaj Electrical to aware the people about their role in Infrastructure building of the country.

The campaign includes three Tv commercials based on three different stories set in remote areas of India where the electricity has still not reached. Here is the summary of three Ads from Bajaj Electrical Ad campaign.

  • The first campaign narrates the story of several women who live in a rural area and forced to give up on their dreams and ability because of the fear of going out in the dark as there are no street lights in the village. The commercial shows how Bajaj Electricals is working to light up the every street of India.bajaj electronic ad
  • The second ad campaign tells a story of a man who drives a taxi to earn his wage in an Urban area and how he was forced to leave his village and his family behind in village to earn the livelihood for him and his family. As there is no electricity in the village so he only returns to his home when there was electricity in the village. The main aim of the campaign is to show how Bajaj Electricals has electrified over 25,000 villages so that families can stay together.bajaj electronic ad
  • The third campaign showcase the effort of a forest officer who helped Bajaj Electricals to distribute the electricity in a remote area near to a forest. For electricity to reach there Bajaj Electricals have made special double height transmission pole so that electricity can be given to villagers without harming any animal.

bajaj electronic ad

All these stories are inspired by real life incidents and show case the magic of light which is also the theme of this whole campaign. Apart from television, the campaign is also hit on digital platforms.

All the Ads are shown in animation to dramatized these real lives stories and animation work looks quite professional and at par with high-quality animation we see in western ads. The ad campaign connects with the audience and able showcase the motive of whole campaign properly.

In conclusion, the Bajaj Electrical ad campaign seems to be hit in public both on Television and digitally.




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