Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Social Media Manager

5 Things You Need To Do in 2020 If You Are A Social Media...

2019 has been a roller-coaster when it comes to social media, from President Donald Trump using Twitter to convey his ideas to...
Reasons On Why Memes And How To Use In Social Media- Memeification 101

Memeification 101: Why And How To Use Memes on Social Media

Memes are the trendiest and laugh-a-minute evolution happening right now in the internet world. Internet is a noun to many and in...
Social Media

Selling Likes & Followers Ruled Illegal By FTC

FTC has ruled out recently that selling likes and followers for social media platforms will be illegal from here on. Even posting...
Social Media

7 Mistakes For A Business To Avoid On Social Media

Internet is booming at the moment, with every business trying to set their strong foothold in this online game. In 2019, the...
Social Media News Round up

Weekly Roundup : Social Media News and Updates

We are back with some of the amazing new updates in the digital world and social media this week. Check out the new updates and...

10 Reasons You Need User Generated Content For Your Social Media Campaign

Tired of struggling to crank out the seamless themes to please the customers or consumers? There is a so-called golden child to all the...

3 Easy Tips To Know Your Social Media Audience

Zooming in on Target Audience   Identifying your potential customer is a filter before you can seek out your audience. Starting with the simple distinctions as...

8 Tips to keep you Audience Engaged with your Brand on Social Media

  A report from Thunderhead, a SaaS solutions provider said only one in four businesses feel confident in their customer engagement methods. The reason is...

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service and Best Practices

According to the latest data available for business pages on Facebook, there are over 65 million local business pages on Facebook. In July 2018,...
Real estate in social media

#7 useful tips to increase Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Is Social media platform a boon to increase Real Estate Marketing? Imagine humankind without mobiles, Internet or any social media platform. It is impossible in...

5 Best Paid Social Media Tools

Over the past few years, social media optimization and marketing have emerged as one of the prime necessities for businesses. As audiences and target...
best social media organic tools

Top 5 Best Organic Social Media Tools

Since time immemorial, social media has been an integral part of a company’s marketing strategies. The marketing efforts of every potential enterprise will remain...