Top 8 Social Media Marketing Campaigns from 2022

best social media campaign 2017

In 2017 big brands realized the power of Social media marketing over mainline marketing mediums. We saw a massive change in marketing budget allocated to social media campaigns from last year. The source projected that social media accounted for 34.5 percent of global digital ad spend in 2017, up from 23.2 percent in 2015.

From branded content, long format story-telling to launching digital-first ads, brands have made full use of the online platform to engage with their respective audiences and create a good recall. As a result, we saw the best creative work this year than last few years. We have shortlisted the top 8 Social Media Marketing campaigns from 2017.

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Campaigns from 2017

#1 Google

Google has launched two campaign #daywithpixle and #askmore for its flagship smartphone Pixel and Pixel2. Both the campaigns demonstrated the features of their phone in an engaging way.

#2 One Plus

OnePlus released its first ad campaign for Diwali on 2nd October. OnPlus released a short video of 2 minutes named “The Perfect Partner” for a #HappyDiwali to mark the beginning of the festivities as part of its Diwali campaign 2017.

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#3 Motorola 

The main objective of whole Motorola campaign was to make people realize that they are wasting way too much time on their smartphones by motivating them to take a #phonelifebalance test by answering a few simple questions on their website.

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#4 Being Human

Being Human a clothing and accessories brand by famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan has launched a series of social media campaigns to mark its fifth anniversary. The campaign #5YearsOfBeingHumanClothing features Salman Khan and 8 Unsung Heroes from distinct fields. The campaign is shot by the renowned photographer Prasad Naik and conceptualized by agency Pulp.

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#4 HDFC Bank

The main objective of the ad campaign was to connect with customers by asking them to #StartDoing and talk to India’s No 1 Bank, to fulfill all their needs. HDFC Bank is aiming to leverage a key customer insight. Most customers turn to savvy spenders for advice while purchasing cars, durables, etc. and also while taking financial decisions.

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#5 Nokia

The main objective of whole Nokia ad campaign was to make people realize that they are wasting way too much time on their smartphones rather than their family.

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#6 Manforce

The objective of the campaign #shutthephoneup is to educate people about the consequences of filming themselves in the moments of intimacy on their smartphones. The Ad campaign came as a warning to the couples. The campaign also conveys that protection means a lot more than just using a condom.


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#7 Beardo

On International Men’s Day, the brand asked famous women personalities to name one man whom they really admire other than the father, brother, husband or boyfriend.


This was our list of best Social media marketing campaigns in 2017. If you came across such campaigns share with us in the comment section.

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