Fa fa fa facebook stalking my more successful friend

  We have seen many videos on the human behavior for facebook, there is one more in the list. Comedian Pat Regan's anthem for the most...

Facebook And Its Popularity

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Blogging On Facebook

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twitter recap

Twitter Will Now Notify About The Things You Have Missed

Twitter is one of the leading social networking platforms after Facebook and as it is a real time service the selling points of Twitter...

Whatsapp launches Whatsapp Web offers messaging on web

Finally Whatsapp launches the most required web version, already we have some third party whatsapp desktop tools which offer messaging from desktop but nothing...

Relationship Between Business And Social Media

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Celebrities do not like social media

Top 7 Celebrities Who Will Never Join Social Media! But Why?

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Instant Push Notifications Now On Facebook

People who were anticipating for getting instant push notifications on their web browser has good news, as Facebook has joined hands with UC Web...

One Million Facebook Likes for Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is the first India Fashion Designer to cross one million facebook likes on his official facebook page. Manish Malhotra has designed for many...

Facebook Up For Launching Free Internet Application

Facebook after coming up as the leading name in social network is now keeping its eyes on rising technologies in different sectors. To begin...
Social security safer online

Microsoft’s contributions to online safety #SaferOnline

Microsoft's Safer Online is a very creative initiation to ask people to share their social media cliche and in return they provide you with a...

Top 5 Best Social Media Sites for Musicians to build Presence

These days, websites alone don’t root the roost, even for budding musicians. After the failure of MySpace, today there are several new social media...